Compliance in the Disability Charity Sector

The Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) is leading a new initiative designed to help disability-sector organizations meet tax requirements more effectively. The project, called Compliance in the Disability Charity Sector, will operate from December 1, 2007 to March 31, 2010. The goal of this project is to contact more than one hundred existing or aspiring charities across Canada and provide them with tools and presentations to help them work through tax and compliance issues. This project was created to serve charities that serve the needs of persons with disabilities. The presentations are offered free of charge.

Scott Simser, a tax and human rights lawyer, was appointed as Project Director for the Compliance in the Disability Charity Sector project. Evelyne Gounetenzi, CAD’s Director of Outreach and Community Leadership, was hired as French Project Assistant. Both individuals are Deaf and have extensive experience in the disability services sector. For this project, Mr. Simser and Ms. Gounetenzi will contact Disability Charity organizations across Canada with the goal of presenting to organizations in all ten provinces and at least one territory. The project also invites interested charities to contact CAD if they would like to be considered for a presentation.

"We would be pleased to set up a workshop, conference, or private session with charities across the country,” said Mr. Simser. “We plan to develop a timetable that maximizes access to charities in different regions of Canada. As well, we will tailor our presentations to the unique needs of each charity.”

Mr. Simser will conduct outreach for English-speaking provinces and for English-speaking minorities in the Province of Quebec. Ms. Gounetenzi will work with charities in French-speaking Quebec and will provide outreach to charities that service French minorities in other regions. As part of the project, a survey geared to charities, will be developed. More information will be posted when it becomes available. Presentation topics can include:

  • Gifts,
  • Disbursement Quotas,
  • Governance issues,
  • Goods and Services tax,
  • Limitations on business and political activities,
  • Books and records,
  • Tax receipts,
  • Privacy legislation,
  • Fundraising, and
  • Annual charity returns.

As of 2009, Mr. Simser and Ms. Gounetenzi have travelled to nine provinces and one territory, which comprise over 95% of the Canadian population, to meet and educate charities. They have conducted workshops to over 110 Canadian charities, with over 250 board members, executive directors, finance staff and others attending. Don’t miss out! This project ends March 31, 2010, so get in touch with us for a free presentation.

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